Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Enabling Technology

Watch the video below to find out how powerful microchips are and how can we use it to eradicate poverty.

So as you can see, microchips have a HUGE impact on our lives. That's why the world demand for microchip programmers is soaring. However, the extremely steep learning curve makes it a very exclusive skill.

So how did these villagers do it?

The key enabling technology here is CoreChart, a revolutionary software which makes programming microchips a child's play. Seriously. I have met with 9- and 10-year old kids who can program microchips. Impressive, isn't it?

In other words, CoreChart is to microchips as what Microsoft Windows is to computers. Without Windows, computers would still be an odd thing to many of us. Similarly, with CoreChart, now everyone can program microchips, even the poor people without formal higher education.

Instead of text-based as in the traditional way of programming microchips, CoreChart uses graphical flowcharts which are much easier to understand and implement.

However, unlike other graphical programming softwares, each flowchart icon in CoreChart translates directly into one assembly language instruction. This results in a powerful, high efficient programming, while being so easy to use.

CoreChart is developed by eLabtronics, a South Australian based company.

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Hi there.

My name is Arif.

I have a confession to make.

I am affected by a disease called Teenage Affluenza.

YOU might be affected too.

Watch this video and diagnose yourself.

3 billion people in the whole world lives under the poverty line.

That is almost half of the world population.

The only cure to Teenage Affluenza is to help these less fortunate people.

This is your CHANCE.


What we do

We are raising funds to get a team of villagers from Kyrgyzstan to attend the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) on 18-22 May 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim of this effort is to present a sustainable and scalable poverty eradication model to the whole world.

Why we do it

We believe that these villagers have the perfect solution to eradicate poverty by harnessing the power of technology. They not only help themselves break from the cycle of poverty, but at the same time making local businesses more profitable. Registered under the name TalasTronics (NGO), their method is truly unique – programming microchips.

How YOU can be part of it

We need your help to raise funds to pay for flight, accommodation and WCIT2008 registration fee for three TalasTronics villagers to present their Poverty Relief projects in Malaysia. The total sum anticipated is $10,000.

This is your chance to join our journey in this world-transforming effort.

If you feel that this effort is genuine and are willing to contribute, please donate.

Your $10 (or any amount you could give) could actually change the life of half of the world population. We appreciate any amount that you could offer.

You can either donate to me in cash (if you are in Adelaide), or just click the ‘ChipIn!’ button below or on the top left side panel. It will bring you to a PayPal page, where you can choose to use PayPal, major credit cards or even some bank accounts.

We all hope that the Kyrgyzstan Villagers will prove once and for all there is hope and help for the 3 billion under privileged people!

Thank you for donating and please tell your friends too. Remember, you are helping half of the world population!

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